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About Us

First Choice for Window Cleaner Leicester
Personalized Caring Approach

We take care of our customers and their property. Windows and frames are cleaned to the highest standard. Paintwork is washed free of pollutants and if you wish conservatory roofs are washed as well as gutters, boards and cladding. We offer a complete window cleaning service throughout Leicester.

Window Cleaning Specialists- Leicester
Excellence and Professionalism 

Some windows can be very hard to reach. Our pure water system makes light work of even the most difficult task. Our poles are so long that we can clean up to five floors with accuracy and great care.


Based in Western Park Leicester we have been cleaning windows for 40 years

Pure water window cleaning Leicester

One of the most notable benefits of pure water cleaning is a sparkle that lasts. Seeing is believing, why not give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

Skylights soffits and faciers cleaned on request.

For window cleaning in Leicester call the Professionals.

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